Week One Reflection

Our task is to help the environment. The people who are in my group are Eden, Liam D and Kyle Yi. Three ideas we had were recycle batteries, stop printing for two weeks on Monday and Friday and the third one is putting ice-cream containers under the taps and put the water in the garden. Our final choice was to recycle batteries! Next week our group wants to start making steps to get it done.

I have really enjoy doing this, how about you?




Week Two Reflection

This week everyone got there idea approved including our group. Here were all of our grades ideas. Groups one idea was Environmentally friendly video for the prep grades, Group twos idea was to Re-Use a shoe, Groups three idea was Recycle plastic bags, groups fours idea was compost bins in the classroom, our groups idea was recycling batteries, Groups six idea was plantation Day and lucky last Group sevens idea was Clean Up Club. They are all great ideas.

Week 3 Reflection

This is so exciting we called Aldi and said that we could recycle batteries to them and that’s it is good that we are helping the environment. They said that there happy to give us a prize like a $20 gift voucher for Aldi!





Week 4 Reflection

This week we got to put our note in the newsletter!


One thought on “CBL

  1. lilgra15 says:

    Hi Theodora,
    Sounds like your having so much fun saving the environment keep it up you doing really well love your ideas
    From lily

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