The word Haiku is Japanese. A haiku poem is where there are 5 syllables in the first and last line and the middle on is 7 syllables.

Here is my haiku poem.

Spring Time!

Sunny, Funny Warm

Sunny Warm but Windy, YAY!

October Is Spring



My Grid


Today we made a colourful grid on pages and we had to find out the fraction, decimal and the percentage say of the blue. We had to count all  the blue squares then find out the fraction, decimal and the percentage of how many blue squares there are in the grid. We did this for all of the colours and put it in another grid underneath the other grid.

Cause and Effect

The definition of cause and effect is “Working out which event (cause) resulted in which consequence (effect). Example Cause- Mike brought a new car, Effect- he didn’t know how to use it. We watched a uTube video a

nd we had to find 10 causes and effects.

Can you think of a cause and a effect?


What we did.

What we did.

Leadership Day!

On Wednesday all the grade fives went to Montmorency Secondary Collage.  We did fun leadership activities! They put us into colour groups. I was black.

My two favourites were the m&m challenge. We had a straw and a boal of m&m’s. The goal was to blow in and try to get all the m&m’s into the bowl on the other side of the room. At the end we got one m&m. The point of this was to use persitence. My other favourite was cops and robbers around some chairs. It was really fun! We had to use persistence. 

Archie Fusillo

image Archie Fusillo

Archie came to our school yesterday and came into our class he told us how to draw crazy things and also he showed us how to draw a boy! Archie is a great writer, drawer and Archie is also really funny.

Do you know Archie Fusillo?