Leadership Talk With Shawn
On the 29/10/15 we had a leadership talk with Shawn. Shawn is member of the Victoria Police. He spoke of the quality of being a leader, like-

If your shy you need to challenge yourself.
Police Officers> need to be role models.
Leadership course> you need to lead by example.


Leadership Talk With Mrs Montgomery!
Mrs Montgomery came to our classroom and spoke to us about leadership. The main dot points about this talk was-
Trust you friends/Colleagues
Stay strong
Sense of humour
Focusing on what’s important

Listening to what other people have to say, Honesty always tell the truth, Trust your friends/Colleagues to keep a secret that you don’t want someone to know but the secret isn’t mean, Stay strong physically, Have a sense of humour laugh with people not at them, Use teamwork and focus what’s important.

What did you learn today?